Our Menus:

Simply great food & drinks, no messing!

Opening Times:
Monday to Friday: 3pm -11pm
Saturdays: 12pm -11pm
Sundays: 12pm -10.30pm

Gluten free and vegetarian options available

Food Service Times
Everyday: 12pm-9:30pm
With the exception of New Year and Christmas

Main Menu

Sunday Roasts - Every week - Please see blackboards. Children’s menu and Allergens menu available separately. Daily Specials & Desserts - please see Specials board.


Honey BBQ glazed Pigs in Blankets
Pork sausages wrapped in smoked bacon and served with a BBQ dipping sauce.£4.5

Fries with sea salt and rosemary
Or have them plain. VEGAN & GF on request.£3.7

Traditional Nachos
Melted cheese, sour cream, salsa, sliced onions, jalapenos and guacamole GF£4.9

Breaded Salt & Pepper Calamari
Seasoned & served with a lemon wedge and homemade sweet chilli sauce.£5.9

Bread selection with balsamic & oil dip
Mixed bread selection.£3.9

Chorizo in garlic and red wine
Served with warm bread.£5.7

Smoked Mackerel Pate
Pate pot, served with warm bread£5.9

Black pudding Bon Bons
Deep fried balls served with brown sauce dip.£5.2

Add cheese for £1.00 Gluten free on request£3.5

Curly fries
substitute on any main meal for an extra £1.00£3.5

Onion rings

Garlic bread
Add cheese for £1.00£3.2

Panko Breaded vegetable croquettes
Deep fried and served with sweet chilli dip. VEGAN£4.5

Loaded Cheddar and bacon potato skins
Baked potato skins, smoked bacon, mature cheddar cheese and served with sour cream£4.9

Deep fried breaded Brie
Brie wedges breaded and deep fried, served with cranberry sauce£4.9

Breaded Herb Chicken Strips
Chicken breast strips, coated and deep fried served with sweet chilli sauce.£5.2

Battered garlic mushrooms
Served with a sweet chilli dip - VEGAN.£4.5

Sweet Chilli Vegetable Brioche Bruschetta
Toasted brioche bun topped with sweet chilli veg - VEGAN£4.2


All served on white, brown or a wrap, served with salad garnish and tortilla crisps.

Crofton Club Sandwich
Chicken breast, bacon, lettuce and tomato with mayo.£5.5

Cheese, tomato and Pickle

Bacon, brie and Cranberry

Sausage and onion marmalade


All served with a salad garnish.

Cheddar cheese and beans

Cheddar cheese and bacon

Cajun chicken and sour cream

Sweet chilli vegetable


All on a bed of mixed leaves, tomato, cucumber, onionsand peppers.

Chicken and bacon salad
Served with a blue cheese dressing.£11.2

Chorizo and mozzarella salad
Served with a balsamic dressing£11.5

Calamari & Chorizo salad
served with sweet chilli glaze.£11.9

Battered garlic mushroom salad
Served with new potatoes and sweet chilli dip. VEGAN£9.9


8oz Sirloin Steak
Served with chips, grilled mushroom and tomato & onion rings.£14.9

Chicken & Smoked Bacon Pasta
with Cheddar shavings and garlic bread.£10.9

Beer battered Fish & chips
served with chips, peas and tartare sauce.£10.9

All day breakfast
served with sausages, bacon, mushroom, grilled tomato, beans, black pudding, egg & fried bread.£11

Cottage Pie
Beef mince topped with mash potato and cheese and served with vegetables.£10.2

Vegetable Katsu curry
ADD Panko Chicken for £3.00 Panko breaded vegetable croquettes, or chicken strips with Katsu sauce, stir fried veg & rice.£9.9

Hunters BBq Chicken
topped with bbq sauce, bacon and cheese, served with chips and salad garnish.£12

Thai Cod Fishcakes
served with new potatoes, salad and sweet chilli sauce£10.9

Chicken Fajitas
served with peppers, onions, wraps and sauces.£13.5

Vegetable Fajitas
served with peppers, onions, wraps and sauces.£11.5

Liver and Bacon
Lambs liver and smoked bacon served on mash potato with onion gravy, vegetables and onion rings.£10.2

Crofton BBQ Full rack of Ribs-
Pork ribs in BBq sauce, served with cajun wedges and salad.£14.5

Chicken & Chorizo Parmigiana
Breaded chicken with chorizo topped with cheese, served with potato wedges and salad.£12.5

Wholetail breaded scampi
Served with chips, peas and tartare sauce.£12.5

Calamari, smoked mackerel pate and scampi served with salad and breads£12.5

Three Cheese Macaroni
Cheddar cheese, brie and stilton with garlic bread.£10.9

Curry of the Day
Please see Specials boardserved with rice, poppadom & naan and indian salad


Beef burgers served with chips, onion rings and salad. Upgrade to curly fries for 1

Bacon & Cheddar Cheese Burger

Bombay Jalapeno & Cheese Burger

Chorizo & Mozzarella Burger

Bacon & Blue cheese Burger

Buttermilk breaded Chicken burger

Classic Burger

BBQ Jackfruit Burger
vegan on request.£10.2

Surf & Turf Burger with calamari

Double burger - add £3.00 Add extra toppings for £1.50

What the icons mean

  • A blue square with a white cross iconMay contain bones or shell
  • An orange square with a GF letteringGluten-free
  • A red square with GFAV letteringGluten-free by request
  • A yellow square with a chilli pepper iconSpicy
  • A red square with V E lettersVegan
  • A green square with the letter VVegetarian